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Alain Beaudouard

With his "hair in winter", Alain Beaudouard has crossed 131 countries to date. Documentary director, photographer, travel painter and writer. Based in Indonesia for 30 years, he works with National Geographic, the BBC and FujiTV, among others. He draws his energy from discovery and adventure. To get as close as possible to people and spaces, he travels mainly by motorcycle, taking his time. Over 800,000 kms on every continent.

For him, photography remains primarily a testimony to his time, a means of informing, educating and transmitting.
However, he appreciates all photographic styles (Portrait, Street Art, Charm, Composition...).
His sensitivity to Art leads him to more personal shots and compositions, including "digital works".

With the human being at the heart of his interests, he likes to quote:
"the Stranger is the Friend we don't yet know" (Touareg saying).

Although not an award or prize, the "Black & White Indonesia" book series is offered as an official gift by the Indonesian government to foreign delegations.

Alain has produced several photographic books on "Ancient Dances", "Kirghiztan", "Indonesia" and the photographic book of his motorcycle trip from "St-Tropez to Bali", crossing 25 countries over 45,000 kms.