Archivio Farabola


The Farabola archive is one of the largest and oldest Italian photographic archives. Among its shelves it preserves the negatives of the agency founded by Tullio Farabola (1920-1983), one of the first and most well-known Italian photojournalists, and many who took part in it. Farabola brought up a series of photographers capable of working without schedules and without paying too much attention to inconveniences in order to fix the event, small or large, political or social, artistic or sporting, national or international. Then the idea was born in Farabola to create, alongside the daily work, an archive of images as wide and exhaustive as possible in the themes, continuously updated, as photojournalism demands. He then completed his material by acquiring, in the post-war period, some photographic funds from the late nineteenth century and the beginning of our century. Today the archive is still alive and preserves millions of negatives that tell those years, from sport to cinema, to the daily news. Fragments of a world that no longer exists.