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You are a photographer artist? You would like to sell your photos online? With ArtPhotoLimited, it is now possible to sell your artworks on the web. Before we start, we remind you that:

  • As sellers, the professional photographers are solely responsible for the selection of the artworks that they put online, for the content of their profile and the artworks as well as for the selling prices they set.

  • On its side, ArtPhotoLimited only is authorized to refuse to put up for sale, to remove from sale, to ask the Photographer not to put up for sale an artwork or another.

Advice to create your profile

Buying an artwork is also buying an artist! The clients customers want to have as much information as possible about the photographer hiding behind each photograph. So we suggest you to describe in detail :

  • Your carrier: what made you become a professional photographer? Did you go to a photography school? If so, which one? Who are the photographers who inspired you?
  • Your work : what are your favorite themes? What is your approach regarding post-production?
  • Your technique : which camera do you use?

You also have the opportunity to fill in 2 important sections :

  • The prizes / awards: prizes are a strong element to reassure the photography lovers and collectors. They are a guarantee of quality and also an information allowing to appreciate the valuation potential of a photographer ;
  • The exhibitions : in the same way, we suggest you to list the different exhibitions in which you have taken part.

Advice to select the photographs to put up for sale

First, the goal of ArtPhotoLimited is to offer photographs on all themes. Photography (like painting or sculpture) could in fact not be restricted to some themes when it comes to art.

Hence, on ArtPhotoLimited, we wish to offer to photography lovers a wide selection of photographs covering all themes : conceptual photography, reportage photography, portrait, landscape, concert or sport...

No matter the theme, the most important is that the photographs could be considered as artworks.

We suggest you to ask yourself the following questions :

  • Can my photograph be considered as an artwork?
  • Is it original?
  • Would photography lovers be interested in buying it and hanging it inside their home?

Be self-critical and only offer your best photographs.

Of course, as mentioned in the terms and conditions, ArtPhotoLimited reserves the right to refuse to put up for sale, to remove from sale, to ask the Photographer not to put up for sale an artwork or another.

Advice to describe well your photographs

In the « description » field, we suggest you to :

  • Sum up in one short sentence the topic of the photograph. No need to say more.
  • Your approach : why did you choose this theme? Why this topic in particular?
  • The circumstances of the shooting

In the « keywords » field, we suggest you to describe your photograph according to 3 axis :

  • Who / What? : what are the topics of the photograph? Only indicate the main topics and not the secondary topics (for example, what is seen in the background). Make sure to use simple terms to describe the objects (for example, « building », « garden », « mountain », « forest »), the characters (« man », « woman », « child », « group », « demonstration »...), the famous monuments (« Eiffel Tower ») which can be seen on the photograph in the foreground.
  • When? : indicate the season if relevant (autumn / winter / spring / summer) as well as the time of the day (day, dawn, night, sunset, dusk).
  • Where : indicate the shooting location in the format country / region / city or village. Add any specification which could be interesting for a customer. For example, for a photograph taken inside an American national park, give the name of the park.

Be concise and specific: we suggest you to use between 5 to 15 keywords.

Advice to set the price of your photographs

Each photographer freely sets the price of his photographs.

However, to help you in this process, we suggest you a price list by format. This grid is accessible when importing your photographs.