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Jazz pictures: Swing and groove for connoisseurs

Jazz is more than just music for its fans: it embodies an attitude towards life. Swing and groove make jazz an intense experience. You can not only hear this experience, but also see it. Our jazz pictures show greats like Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong or Ray Charles on stage - and by far not only there.

Jazz pictures and Jazz Artists

Jazz is unique. It all began around 1900 in the southern states of the USA. Here, predominantly African-American musical talent met European tonal systems, melodics and harmonics. The result is a unique sense of rhythm, so intense and spontaneous that life and enthusiasm seem to awaken as if by magic. Characteristic of jazz is improvisation, in which musicians spontaneously develop melodies and rhythms. Jazz has many different styles, from classical jazz to bebop to fusion jazz. Jazz music is also known for its influence on other musical genres such as blues, funk and rock.

What would jazz be without its greatest artists? The musical genre has produced many famous musicians, including Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Miles Davis. Jazz continues to be an important part of the music scene and is enjoyed by many people around the world. You can buy these artists and many more jazz pictures from us in limited editions. Get a piece of life feeling home - and optionally in the classic frame or aluminum Dibond.

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Our jazz photos show even more. Pictured are unique moments that made history. These include the meeting of the American jazz musician Miles Davis with the French actress Jeanne Moreau: the Frenchwoman received a history-making trumpet lesson. The jazz pictures also feature a portrait of Django Reinhardt, Roy Hargrove in action and many more vividly authentic moments in jazz history.

Here you will find a wide selection of authentic images of jazz musicians taken during legendary concerts and performances. Billie Holiday at the Downbeat Club is among them, as is James Brown at a concert in 1967, and a spectacular shot of Aretha Franklin at work is from the same year. Also included are an Archie Shepp concert, Ray Charles singing on the grand piano and Manu Dibango recording in the studio.

Jazz pictures that make the music ring


Our pictures make the music ring in your ears - we promise. It doesn't matter whether they like US jazz music, jazz music from France or international jazz music best. Our selection of jazz pictures is large enough and offers an identifying motif for every jazz fan.