Alain Beaudouard


The "hair in winter", Alain Beaudouard has crossed 131 countries to date. Documentary maker, photographer, travel painter and writer. Particularly attracted by primitive peoples undergoing increasing globalization. This does not prevent him from opening his eyes to human conditions, traditions and the environment. Underwater life is also its other playground. Independent, based in Indonesia for 28 years, he collaborates with National Geographic, the BBC and FujiTV among others. He draws his energy from Discovery and Adventure. Its driving force: "see, understand, transmit experience and emotion, without ever judging!" To be as close as possible to Humans and soak up the spaces, he travels mainly by motorbike, taking all his time. His last Odyssey took him from St-Tropez (France) to Bali (Indonesia), by motorbike, for 13 months, 42,000 kms through 27 countries (2019-2020). None of her photos have been exhibited to date, but the time for sharing has come. He defines himself as a "Messenger of stories, images and emotions" whose tools complement each other: "The film lets Time flow", "Photography stops Time", "Writing tells time" , "The painting translates the nostalgia of the Past Time". Recently he has been working on his photos to turn them into "digital works" His philosophy: "The Stranger is the Friend that we do not yet know" (Touareg saying)

Art and Emotion cannot be judged, he does not participate in any competition

Only his paintings: Singapore, Hong-Kong, Japan, France.