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Come and discover our selection of creatively edited photos that will give your living room, dining room and living room a touch of surrealism. What is photo editing? Photo editing consists of superimposing or placing different photographs side by side, then making digital and artistic edited pictures and collages. Often used in advertising, this technique has inspired many artistic movements, including Dadaists, Russian constructivists, the Bauhaus and Surrealists. Photo editing has mainly been used for political purposes, often to contest or propagandize for a government. This is particularly the case with the government of the former Soviet Union, which used edited photos as a propaganda tool. Originally one of the first to practice photo editing was the Russian artist Alexander Mikhailovitvh Rodchenko, in Germany it was John Heartfiels who was the first to develop edited photos. This technique was to develop and invade all sectors: portraits, press, fashion and advertising. Today we can distinguish 3 different methods: photo editing by gluing, photo editing by printing and photo editing by software which has developed in recent years with the rise of digital technology. Discover photos as surreal as they are magnificent, such as The Long Journey of Migratory Birds, the wharf or even Business. All art photographs for sale on ArtPhotoLimited are sold in limited edition and available in various formats, including large formats up to 150x100 cm. Each art photomontage is delivered with a certificate of authenticity indicating the title, the numbering of the work and, if applicable, the artist's signature.