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Born in 1980, Alexandre Sattler is a recognized photographer. His early love of nature and the great outdoors made him an informed naturalist. For twenty years, he has thus traveled the world from mission to mission. Humanist traveler photographer, his playground has now extended to the whole planet with a predilection displayed for Asia and Africa where he returns regularly for long stays. In 2006, he created the solidarity association Regard'Ailleurs to support projects related to education and development. In France and around the world, it produces sound documentaries and reports broadcast on more than 60 radio stations.

Photo prize: Finalist of the contest "African photographer of the year" 2019 Finalist of the contest "The photographs of the year 2016" Finalist of the contest "The photographs of the year 2014" Winner of the United Nation contest in 2009 in the Philippines Publications: Sadhus, a society of free men (Almora editions) Eclats de joies (Hozhoni editions 2016) Ode to Benevolence (Hozhoni editions 2019)

2010: “Biodiversity of Cultures” exhibition at SITV 2011: Exhibition and conference in Paris on international solidarity volunteering 2011: “Regard'Ailleurs” exhibition at the solidarity fair in Paris 2012: Mobile exhibition on buses distributed by the association Regard'Ailleurs, 2013: Exhibition at the Colmar tourism fair, 2014: Exhibition at the Jardins de Gaïa 2014: Setting up of the "YOUnity" exhibition in various cities in France. 2014: At the Colmar tourism and travel fair, two exhibitions (one on Japan and the YOUnity exhibition). 2015: Expo "Songes en Terre Birmane" at FIAP in Paris 2015: Exhibition "YOUnity" at the Grand Bivouac festival 2015: Exhibition on Burma at the Tourism and Travel Fair in Colmar 2016: Outdoor exhibition at the Abbey of l'Epau from May to November 2016: Exhibition at the Tourism and Travel fair in Colmar 2017: Exhibition on the travel festival "Curious travelers" 2017: Exhibition at the Dax photo festival 2017: Guest at the "Présence photographie" festival in Montélimar. 2018: Guest of honor at the Curieux Voyageur festival 2019: Guest of honor at the Aventure au Bout du Monde festival 2020: Guest at the No Mad Festival festival in the presence of Yann Arthus Bertrand.