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Fashion Prints

Experience Glamor with our Fashion Prints

Fashion prints populate magazines and portfolios. Do not forget that they can also be featured as art, because that is what happens when high fashion meets art photography.

What makes fashion art prints different from the usual fashion photos?

Fashion photos for the sake of art are a category on their own. They are not taken to sell the clothes, makeup, or shoes that the model is wearing. Instead, it is focused on the point of view that the photographer takes. The accessories and the model look make them part of fashion, but the concept makes them high art. This type of photography has ambassadors in Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.

Where do you usually find art-infused fashion photography?

While commercial fashion pictures end up in magazines, art-focused fashion snapshots are featured in galleries. There, viewers do not come to watch the products or beautiful models. They are there to observe how the camera captures movement, shows the play of light and shadows, and other techniques used to convey the message.

What categories of fashion posters are we selling?

High art usually ends up in portfolios and magazines. We, at ArtPhotoLimited, will provide you with the opportunity to own one or more of such photographs.

You can browse our main selections to zero in on the photos that will best appeal to you:

  • Vintage fashion
  • Fashion show
  • Fashion icons
  • Body art
  • Ballet dancer
  • Top models

Some of these photos come in our large formats, which go up to 150 x 100 cm. You can be sure that you will be getting a limited edition copy.

What else should I consider when selecting a photo?

You may also check our bestsellers if you want to go for something popular. Of course, you can also use that section to guide you as to what not to buy if you want a unique piece.

You can browse our Recently Added if you want something fresh and recently curated. These photos are not necessarily contemporary. Most are classics that we have just recently added to our print selections.

Can you feature fashion shots in your art?

Our fashion prints lean towards art rather than commercial purposes. So, yes, you can feature these shots on a wall that you have reserved for artworks. You may place them on that vast, plain-colored wall in your office or at your home.

What are the benefits of fashion framed prints?

Because we offer you art-leaning photos, you may as well treat them as the art pieces that they are. We provide a variety of frames and mountings (wood and aluminum) to make that happen. Of course, art is associated with free will in terms of your comprehensive selection. If you want to use your own frame, then you can buy the unframed print in museum quality. We have unframed prints for sale, as well.

What can you expect in the ordering section?

When about to order, you will be asked for your preferred size and frame. Then, you can check the description of all that you may expect from the delivery. Deliveries will arrive in 8 to 10 working days.