Yanis Ourabah


Since 2012, Yanis Ourabah has traveled the streets of Lyon accompanied by professional dancers from all backgrounds: classical dance, contemporary, modern jazz, hiphop ... The objective of his dance photographs is to play on the contrast between classical dance , grace and femininity, and an urban environment, raw and frozen. Sublimate the city of Lyon and transmit the elegance of the artists with whom he has collaborated for several years ...

Fall 2021: Exhibition in the town of Mornant, 14 very large format paintings - Duration 4 months Fall 2021: La Cour Des Loges, Lyon - Exhibition of 20 paintings. Duration: 2 months January 30, 2020: Dance in Lyon exhibition at the Radisson Hotel in Lyon. December - January 2020: Exhibition at the Semple in Lyon. January 2019: Exhibition in Lyon at the new Halles de la Martinière in the 1st arrondissement until February 2019. Then at the Cité Internationale for a few weeks (private companies).