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Fine art photography
Fine art photography
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Amélie Berton


Amélie Berton is an art lover, a self-taught French photographer. She lives in Brussels, where she enjoys an inspiring multicultural environment. She begins photography to document and capture important events and personal moments. She specializes rapidly in portraiture, fascinated by human silhouettes and feelings. Feeling the desire to materialize her thoughts, she decides to explore the staging in her portraits by creating visual concepts. She discovers that photography is not only a tool for documenting the outside world, but also for expressing a more subjective and intimate inner world. She carefully poses her models, or herself in her many self-portraits, to express the emotion she wants to portray. She tells a story as part of a photograph, questioning the boundaries between dream and reality. In her work, she tends to blur the boundaries between painting and photography with the use of surrealist elements. To have this pictorial quality, she brushes her works with bright and daring color traits. It thus controls each contrast of the final result.

2016 «Inspirations Végétales»: ISTEC Paris 2016 May Artists' Paths 2016 March The Seed Factory - ArtMagna Gallery Brussels 2016 March Artistica Gallery Brussels 2016 February The Amour Fou Brussels 2015 nov / dec Ikébanart Paris 2015 nov Brussels 2015 oct The Harmonium Brussels 2015 sept The Loft of Eric Brussels 2015 Apr / May Kokob Brussels 2015 March «Wine & Canvas» Serendip Spa Brussels 2015 March Photo Show Paris - collective exhibition Art Me In 2014 Nov / Of the arts Japanese Brussels 2014 Oct / Nov FNAC Brussels 2012 headquarters IBM Spain Madrid