Stéphane Coutteel


An initial training in the culinary art (Paris hotel school), an experience in creating a humanitarian and then business association, and the choice of photographic passion for profession in 2012. I was passionate in the 80s for black and white film. In 1992 I used photography to communicate on a humanitarian action in Mali, and in 2008 on a sponsorship action for the legendary Shweitzer hospital in Gabon. Essentially I am a photographer-traveler always in search of photographic reports on the cultures and wonders of the world, from Ladakh to Japan, from Morocco to Tanzania, from Guyana to Santo Domingo, from Mayotte to Rodrigues. Since 2014 I have been carrying out more specific work on the following subjects: Archery, Martial arts, Ama divers, Japan, and 'food', of course, the theme from which I never stray.

Photographer of the Year Society of Hurepoix Artists (SAH) 2015

SAH 2015 - Ste Geneviève des bois: Japan House of Japanese culture in Paris: Ama diver (in partnership with the prefecture of Mie - Japan) SAH 2016: 'Devil' series - two-color plexiglass support