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Stéphane Coutteel

An initial training in the culinary arts (hotel school in Paris), an experience of creating a humanitarian association and then a company, and the choice of the photographic passion for job in 2012.
I am passionate in the 80s for the silver black and white. In 1992 I use photography to communicate on a humanitarian action in Mali, then in 2008 on a sponsorship action for the mythical Shweitzer hospital in Gabon.
Essentially I am a photographer-traveler always in search of photographic reports on cultures and wonders, with the consonances of the confines of the world: Ladakh, Zanzibar, Santo Domingo, and other Ceylon.
In 2014 I discovered Japan, which has since been a great source of inspiration in all my work. An art of searching for perfection in simplicity, when all the superfluous fades away.
The photography I compose is mostly figurative and always humanistic, a form of Slowphotography.
I wish you much pleasure and emotion with my photographs. Thank you for your interest.

Photographer of the year Society of Artists of Hurepoix (SAH) 2015

SAH 2015 - Ste Geneviève des bois: Japan
Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris : Ama divers (in partnership with the prefecture of Mie - Japan)
SAH 2016: Series 'Devil' - bichromies support plexiglass
National Museum of Natural History of Paris - Conference exhibition Oceans
Viry-Chatillon (91) - Instants nippons - April and May 2023