Jean-Philippe Delobelle


Biologist and geologist by training, naturalist and photographer of passion, I travel season after season the Alps, Jura and Bugey, or various more distant countries, in search of new images of wild forests, lakes and mountains, wildlife and flora, still preserved from the accelerated trivialization of the environment and landscapes ... Photographing is not simply recording and reproducing reality, it is also in my opinion to sublimate and interpret it in an artistic way , by a framing and a focal length which stimulates the imagination and surprises the gaze. I therefore mainly use the very wide angle (12 mm) which magnifies the foregrounds, and breathe the image, or the long focal lengths (200 mm and more) which allow to isolate a remarkable detail and focus the attention. . I mainly work with full frame Nikon equipment. BIOSPHOTO agency sells most of my images, since 1991 ...

I published at Glénat "Les Métamorphoses de l'Alpe", a book which illustrates the perpetual transformations of mountain landscapes during the seasons (Grand Prix of the mountain picture book of Passy). Several times finalist in Asferico, WPY, etc.

I exhibit my portfolios on my website: