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Marion Staderoli

I have a Master's degree in Fine Arts, but I eventually learned photography "on the job".
Today, I'm a photographer and globe-trotter, and I'm lucky enough to be able to combine these two passions.
I travel the world as much as I can, and my unmistakably humanistic eye brings you moments taken on the spot.
I work most of the time with a Nikon full-frame SLR and various lenses.

For me, photography and travel are above all a need, but also a way of sharing.
In my travels, I give priority to contact with local people, and my camera enables me to enter into a relationship with others. Often, because we don't speak the same language, we can't exchange more than a few words, but the look, the smile, the desire to get to know the other person, the desire to share a moment that only the two of us can understand, weave an invisible link between our hearts and make these moments unique and magical.

There's no intellectualization in my work, just sensitivity and emotion. My wish is to put the spotlight on people, places or scenes that deserve to be revealed.
I also share my adventures through writing.

Free theme" award at the "Visa OFF" festival in Perpignan for my portrait series "Dans tes yeux" (In your eyes)


-Photo exhibition series of 60 images "le fil du voyage" at the "What a trip" festival Montpellier 2022

-Photo exhibition of my portrait series "Dans tes yeux" at the festival "Escale voyageuse" Avignon 2021

-Photo exhibition of my portrait series "Dans tes yeux" at the What a trip festival in Montpellier 2020

-Photo exhibition of my portrait series "Dans tes yeux" at the Partance festival in Toulouse in 2022

-Photo exhibition of my portrait series "Dans tes yeux" at the Visa pour l'image OFF festival in 2022
*My series won the "free theme" prize.

-Exhibition on "le fil du voyage", 60 images, at the What a trip Montpellier festival in 2022


-Articles, travelogues and photos in the web journal "L'étudiant Autonome" (2015)

-Photographer "In residence" on the nomadmagazine.fr website (January 2016)

-Publication of an interview (about my job and the Mentawaï experience) on page 41 of the web-magazine "R-magazine ou la renaissance de l'art" (March 2016)

-Publication of text and photos in several editions of the print magazine "Globe-trotter" (2016 to 2021)

-Publication of a text and photo feature on "white widows" in nomadmagazine.com (June 2016)