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Guy Rieutort


Photographer and author, photography is a means of expression as are painting and writing. I explore, observe the world, with slowness, curiosity, sensitivity and often fascination.
I refuse the horror, the picturesque, to be interested in the aestheticism and in the people, in the "faces indicating the soul", always with modesty, lucidity and respect. I try to capture reality in my own way, sometimes with the support of the reportage, sometimes by making emerge the color or the black and white as protagonists.
I like light, color, the tension between all these things: strangeness too, mystery, reverie, emotion obviously in order to capture time, "the decisive moment" of Cartier-Bresson. An intimate, free, abstract, silent moment.
My projects are often nourished by the stimulation of discovery, particularly of Spain which never ceases to seduce me.
"When you really manage to capture the vibration of the living, then you can speak of a good photograph." (René Burri)

MIDI LIBRE / AGEFIPH Prize 2013 - Montpellier

- FLAMENCO | Granada | El duende a pie de calle" - Montpellier November / December 2016
- Book Photo-Text "FLAMENCO | Granada | El duende a pie de calle" - Rencontres d'Arles 2016 ( internet publication/Blurb )
- Portraits of Press - Montpellier June / July 2014
- Affouches or the interlacing" - Montpellier January 2011
- Life in colors" - Paris / La Défense 1989
- Colors and graphics" : Collective exhibition under the leadership of Jean Mézière - Houston 1988
- Photo-Text book "The Iberian ham" (internet publication/Blurb)
- Book Photo "Optics with the colors of Spain" ( internet publication/Blurb )