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Baptiste Sibé

A street photography of traditional inspiration that does not seize the current codes of the discipline - spectacular but often repetitive - but tries to reconnect with the raw modernity of a Robert Frank or William Klein. Abandoning the quest for pure aesthetics as a humorous anecdote, this first photographic series leads us to the sources of tradition. It is a question of street photography in its authentic form: simple and true. No staging, no chosen lights or second chance, the photos catch here on the fly. However, one finds in it the strict codes of the genre, which forcefully establish the subjectivity of the photographic gaze. Here, therefore, we keep aloof from photo-journalism and its demand for neutrality to try to establish another truth, which is revealed through personal testimony. Although conceived in spontaneity and without recourse to any artifices, this work tries to describe the ambiguity of our modern societies in which humanism gradually gives way to the economic, spreading the material comfort to the price The commodification of the social relation and the resulting dehumanization. We hope that it will find echo in you.

2011 - Supernova Festival of Montpellier - "Agent Orange" series