Julien Amic


Photographer Sea & Nature
Author of the books "Ouessant, haute terre d'Iroise" published by Glénat in 2020 and "Geopark Armorique" also published by Glénat (May 2021).

Specialized in the landscapes of Armorique for several years, I work a lot within the Regional Natural Park of Armorique / Geopark Armorique and the biosphere reserve of the islands and the sea of Iroise (Sein, Molène, Ouessant).

I am passionate about all aspects of the marine and insular world and about nature and the close links that people have with it. I have a scientific background, I am a naturalist specialized in seabirds and cetaceans, and I have been involved for many years in the preservation of our beautiful planet, with a desire to make each of us aware of the beauty and fragility of the environments in which we live.
Thanks to photo-identification, I have studied the Mediterranean bottlenose dolphins with the Mediterranean Cetacean Study Group and my images have been published in many books and magazines ("Atlas of Mammals of France" of the National Museum of Natural History, newspaper "la Provence" and "La Croix", magazines "30 Millions d'Amis" and "Terre sauvage", magazines "La Calanquaise" and "Nature de Provence", "Atlas of Mammals of PACA"...).
I worked several years in the National Park of the Calanques before finally moving to Brittany.

I work with several cameras including two Canon reflex (5DMkIV and 7DMkII) and a Fuji X100F. My images are never modified in depth, never edited. On the other hand, I rework the textures (grain, films, dust and scratches, to modify the general aspect), contrasts and colors to bring out an atmosphere that is the most faithful to the one felt on the ground during my shooting.

A good image must, in my eyes, combine aesthetic qualities and documentary value. This is the case of all the photographs you will find here, and I thank you for the interest you will show in them!

Prizes - awards :

2018: 1st prize in the photo contest "Cetacean, I respect you" organized by the Marine Institute of the Seaquarium of Grau-du-Roi.
2009 : 9th prize in the photo contest "terre Sauvage" category Flora.

Publications :

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- 2021 -(in progress) : "The islands and the sea of Iroise in all their splendor", outdoor exhibition at the ecomuseum of the island of Ouessant.

- 2021 / July 30 - September 07 (in progress) : "Images of Armorique", a photo exhibition on the heritage of the Geopark Armorique at the Domaine de Menez Meur, 29460 HANVEC

- 2021- (in progress): "Restoration of the dry stone walls of the island of Sein" (biosphere reserve of the islands and the Iroise sea)
Exhibition in front of the Abri du Marin on the island of Sein, reportage highlighting the dry stone walls, their historical and cultural role, their place in the landscape and the related biodiversity.

- 2019 : collective exhibition at the Seaquarium of Grau-du-Roi (January-February)