45 years old, author Photographer. For 14 years, I never tire of traveling the world case in hand. Without any staging, I try to return to what is for me the origin of photography, the T moment. When traveling, you have to build your images quickly. In a second the graphic perfection of a posture or a dream in a face has already disappeared. Nothing before, nothing after ... It is therefore in the middle that I try to situate myself. For me, a photograph should always be aesthetic. This is for me his first definition. Then when possible comes his message. A beautiful image that tells a story, that makes you think ... The wide open spaces and the most remote places make me dream ... For 8 years I have only traveled in Asia, which remains for me the most beautiful continents with its rich culture and magnificent peoples. Then came the discovery of Africa, land of all beginnings and where, despite its wounds we can still approach the world in its origin with its fauna which is so fragile with regard to human activities. Portraits, street and nature photographs as well as animal photography are for me my favorite fields. And needless to say that for me, the purpose of a photograph is the paper print ...

- 1st Prize mammals at the International Photo Festival Namur Nature 2017 - FINN - Nomination at the Nature Images Awards - Terre sauvage UCIN - 2017 - 1st Prize in the portrait category at the -Photo contest Imaging Day 2015 -BRUSSELS- - Winner at the 25 years of photo safaris competition nature objective in Montier en Der in 2015.

Exhibition from July 23, 2016 to May 23, 2018 at the Metropolis Gallery in Charleville-Mézières 17 prints in A0.