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Gilles LARBI (Gil.L) born in 1958
I live in Brittany in Plérin
Self-taught professional photographer since 1991: I work in illustration for the press, publishing and advertising.
Since 1999, I devote myself in parallel to a research on the body, the dance and the landscape by a numerical work allying photo and painting. This work passes from the photographic reality towards more pictorial and dreamlike images
Painter: also moves from the concrete to the abstract in a colorist and spontaneous approach; accepting a refined graphics or melting into the material. My works in painting are mainly monotypes and oil on paper
Eclectic creator, liking to vary the techniques worked alone or in association thanks to the digital tool.
The important thing is to arouse emotions through my work, preferably joyful and positive

Photo award: International award in 1997 from the Japanese newspaper Seikyo (circulation 5 500 000 copies)

The MJC of the Plateau St-Brieuc " around the dance " in 2002
"L'atelier du passe partout" in St-Brieuc in February 2002
Several collective exhibitions including the exhibition of the Photographers Creators during the UPC congress in Alençon in 2005
GALERIE Cap Art Quintin May 2008
GALERIE HARTMONIE Plérin from October 9th to November 12th 2008
Departmental Center of Pedagogical Documentation February 2009
7th Festival '' Un moment s'il vous plaît'' June 2009 in Irodouër
Gallery Cap Art Quintin May 2010 (collective exhibition)
Gallery ''L'atelier du passe partout'' in St-Brieuc in May 2010
Gallery Cap Art Quintin October 2010
Gallery Hartmonie Plérin from December 16, 2010 to January 19, 2011
Gallery Cap Art Quintin February 2011 (collective exhibition)
Gallery Cap Art Quintin November 2014 (group show)
Cap Art Quintin Gallery November 2019 (group show)
Espace Lamenais in Saint-Brieuc "living" organized by Les Amis des Beaux-arts May 2022 (group show)