Fred Daudon


Brilliants etymologists and anthropologists have been battling for years on the mysterious origin of the surname « Daudon ». Among them, Pr. Le Coq's studies proves a derivative link originated from the French word la dinde (turkey in English). This galliforme is known for the quality and tenderness of its meat but also for its love call.

Born and raised in the Alps (there for people who miss their geographical lessons), I have been nourished with grains, good cheese (not that plastic bag) and dreams. I wanted to discover the world beyond the courtyard and the mountains. After reading the marvellous Animal Farm by George Orwell, I decided to prove that George should have included turkeys in its novel, turned myself into a human and then tried to get rich and dominate others.

(Un)fortunately, I did not succeed.

I however learned something really important: the magnetic power of images and visual arts in accessing freely and deeply into human brains. Photography purpose is to create aesthetically a visual link between the (un)consciousness. With so many cameras, smartphones, darkrooms, pinholes used in the world, it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish aesthetics of images. Beyond a positive, I prefer that a negative yet delivers strong messages to the brain.

We are living crazy times with so many severe mutations (not only animal to human) that I want to photography the Homo Technologicus. As August Sander, the Bechers did with their respective works, it will be my sole objective in the next years. Working with both analog and digital cameras, I am also interested in visual arts (including performance). Nowadays, photography medium is just not enough.