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Frédéric Daudon

Born in Sallanches in 1985, Fred Daudon is a visual artist. He developed a passion for photography at a young age. He quenches his thirst for discoveries and explorations by living in Europe and Asia. Inspired by sociological, philosophical and fictional works, photography allows us to understand our propagation in space, from our departure to our absence. He uses his objectives as weapons to testify and question our reality, not by the violence of his image but by a profusion of details, which he wields between pretense and gentleness. Over the last three years, he has focused his work on the beliefs and beliefs of men, through stories (Santeria, Cuban Roots) and the long-term documentary project FAITH for which he has walked the Silk Roads in the company of Nabila Laajail. In his most recent work, he participated in a 7 * 7 performance for which he stayed for 49 hours in the MAAT Museum in Lisbon with artist Regina Frank.

Photo of the Day by Artphotolimited; Selected photo by Women References; Finalist of ING Photo Awards in 2014; Selected photo for the contest "Childhood and Joy - Children of Mekong"

2018 Mosaic of Soi at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations Made in China - Galerie Librairie Impressions