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Christian Philip

Born in 1957, I have been a professional photographer since 1982.
I started in the entertainment industry (theater and jazz) where I had the pleasure to photograph
great musicians like Miles Davis, Archie Shepp, Michel Petrucciani and many others....
I then joined the press agency NAJA (1987 - 1991) based in Marseille (national magazine)
Then I continued my career in various press supports.

Since 2010 my photographic work is turned towards nature (landscapes) and more particularly
particularly the birdlife.

"First of all photographer of the dark rooms, at the foot of the stage ready to immortalize the long tirades of an actor, the breath of a trumpeter or the touch of a pianist, that he is called Miles, or Michel no matter the pleasure is great for a young maker of images who makes his scales.
From the projectors, to the red lantern of a laboratory with the odor of acid, I bring back to life the faces of artists on glossy paper. A few years of artificial light before knowing life in the open and becoming a news reporter. To unveil, to divulge, to inform, in search of the pleasure of making known. But the choice of publication does not belong to the one who collects the information.
The need to breathe on a new playground takes me to an unknown world, a new passion. As a contemplative, I move forward in hushed steps, blending in with nature as best I can, on the lookout, as an image hunter, I observe the life of birds".

I am the author of 3 books (photos, texts and layout): in 2011 the Birds of the Camargue published by Favre - (192 pages)
Oiseaux entre garrigue et Méditerranée (volume 1 - 304 pages) in 2018 and Oiseaux entre garrigue et Méditerranée (volume 2 - 288 pages) in 2020 these last two at Editons Ecologistes de l'Euzière.
In 1998 I also realized two booklets on the jazz festivals of Junas and Barcelonnette
(Editions Abalone)

Medal of honor of the city of Nimes (1983) for a photographic work on the 2000 years of the city.
Medal of honor of the Paul Ricard society in 2018 for my work on the Camargue and more particularly for the exhibition "Mirage du Vaccarès".
I have never participated in any competition.

1982 : Exhibition on the markets of the city of Nimes
1985 : Exhibition in the framework of the Jazz Festival of Nimes, exhibition in binomial with Guy le Querrec.
1991 : Exhibition "Gold and Water" on the theme of human activities in the heart of the Camargue.
1992 : Exhibition on jazz ("Iconoternaire") at the museum of contemporary art in Nimes (carré d'art).
1998 : Exhibition on jazz in Sommières then in Barcelonnette.
1999 : Retrospective exhibition on the jazz festival of Nimes (departmental gallery, "espace gard)
2018 : exhibition in Arles at the Paul Ricard estate (mas de Méjannes),
exhibition dedicated to the Vaccarès pond, (open air tarpaulins of 4M X 3M, from May to October 2018).......