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Bernard Delhalle

Capturing the Beauty of the Academic Nude.

The city of Lille has always been a breeding ground for artistic talent, but among its hidden treasures is an artist who stands out for his unique talent in the world of academic nude photography. Local photographer Bernard Delhalle captures the beauty and emotion of the human body in a way that leaves the viewer in awe. His meticulous work and commitment to art make him a true icon in the field of artistic photography.

Academic nude photography is an art form that dates back centuries, but continues to fascinate and inspire today. Among the contemporary photographers who have distinguished themselves in this field, Bernard Delhalle emerges as a figure to be reckoned with. His dazzling works, imbued with grace and emotion, have conquered the world of photography, and have been exhibited in renowned galleries around the world.

Bernard Delhalle, a native of Hellemmes Lille, is an artist whose work transcends the boundaries between classical art and contemporary photography. He has devoted his career to exploring the academic nude from a unique angle, capturing the beauty and grace of the human form in a captivating way. His photographs are a harmonious blend of advanced photographic technique, artistic sensibility and a deep understanding of composition.

What distinguishes Bernard Delhalle's work is his ability to create images that tell a story, evoke emotion and provoke thought. His models pose with obvious confidence, their vulnerability sublimated by light and composition. Each shot is a celebration of the human form, highlighting natural beauty in all its splendor.

A notable feature of Bernard Delhalle's work is his exceptional use of light and shadow. He masters the art of playing with luminosity to highlight the curves, muscles and details of the human body. Dramatic contrasts create an atmosphere that often evokes deep, introspective emotions in the viewer.

Bernard Delhalle has studied photography extensively, and this is clearly reflected in his work. He draws his inspiration from the great masters of photography, while adding a contemporary, personal touch to each photograph. His work evokes flattering comparisons with renowned artists such as Jeanloup Sieff and Lucien Clergue.

In addition to his work as a photographer, Bernard Delhalle is also a passionate teacher. He has shared his knowledge and experience with many generations of budding photographers. His ability to communicate his passion and artistic vision inspires his students to see the world in a new way through their lenses.

Over the years, Bernard Delhalle has accumulated numerous awards and distinctions for his outstanding work. His photographs have been published in many renowned magazines and journals, and he continues to be a source of inspiration for many aspiring photographers.

Bernard Delhalle's photographs have been exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world, winning the admiration of art critics and collectors alike. His influence on the world of academic nude photography is undeniable, and he continues to inspire young artists through his workshops and lectures.

In conclusion, Bernard Delhalle is much more than just an academic nude photographer. He is an artist who transcends the boundaries of the genre, exploring the beauty of the human form with rare depth and sensitivity. His work continues to dazzle and inspire, and he undoubtedly deserves his place among the great contemporary artists.
Bernard Delhalle at his studio in Lille.

Winner of the 2016 "Vis ma nuit" Lille MEL photo contest.
Merit Award 2018 photoshoot Award Concours international nude art.
Merit Award 2019 photoshoot Award Concours international nude art.
Silver Award 2019 Concours international WPE
Prix " Cristal Trophy " 2019 Final WPE International Photographer
Silver Award 2020 WPE International Competition
Prix " Finalist " 2021 photoshoot Award Concours international nude art.
First Prize" 2022 International Contemporary Art Competition, Photography section Artcertificate
Silver" Award 2023 WPE International Competition
2024 PHOTO Magazine International Contest Winner

June 2018 " La Passerelle" Armentières " Violence against women
November 2018 " HP Seclin " Violence against women
December 2020 release of the book "Remettre les pendules à l'heure" (Fnac, Cultura, Furet du nord)
April 2023 ARTBOX.PROJECT New York