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Bernard Delhalle


Bernard Delhalle Author Photographer Lille.
Born in 1955 in the north of France, his mother was a musician (pianist) and his father a film projectionist.
He started in photography at the age of 14 years then he entered in 1979 in the Cinema Theater and Television as head lighting designer.
For 15 years, the photographer from Lille Bernard Delhalle has been putting his talent at the service of artistic nudes.
Trained by great directors of photography whom he worked with for more than twenty years as a chief lighting technician on television sets, he has dedicated himself to nude photography.
His knowledge of light has helped him develop his own style, playing with shadows to master chiaroscuro.
A portrait photographer in the tradition of the famous Harcourt Studios, Bernard Delhalle has become a recognized and appreciated specialist of the women who pose for him.

Award 2016 winner of the photo contest "Vis ma nuit" MEL of Lille
Merit Award 2018 photoshoot Award International nude art competition.
Merit Award 2019 photoshoot Award International nude art contest.
Silver Award 2019 WPE International Contest
Crystal Trophy Award 2019 Final WPE International Photographer
Silver Award 2020 WPE International Contest
Finalist " 2021 photoshoot Award International nude art contest.

June 2018 " La Passerelle" Armentières " Violence against women
November 2018 " HP Seclin " Violence against women
December 2020 release of the book "Remettre les pendules à l'heure" (Fnac, Cultura, Furet du nord)