Pierre-Etienne Vilbert


It was in 1996, both self-taught and trained by other professionals that he made his debut with an old Pentax, before acquiring his first reflex Minolta. Experimenting as well as the reportage as the portrait or the photograph of shows it gradually refines its glance and begins, from 1999, to sell its images. From 2003, he worked with various communication agencies in France and worked for many companies. He continues to reinforce his technique of shooting shows (scenes and backstages) as in portraiture which in 2010 become the areas he favors. Since 2012 he tackles narrative series, thought like little stories without a word, where only the images tell. It favors the decisive moment, preferring to change the conditions when shooting, rather than reliance excessively on post-production. He works mostly in digital (Nikon) and allows himself some escapades in argentic (6x6 Autocord). From the pleasure taken in exploring a city, to taking an intense look, passing through the play of lines and colors of an environment held in a frame, photography is for him one of the few spaces able to reveal and Transmit the fragile beauty of moments. In parallel to his photography, he is also a writer and director.

Str'Off 2014 - Strasbourg November 2014 - Exhibition of the series "Révélation" / Thématis - Strasbourg April 2015 - Exhibition of the series "Revelation" / The Moisson des Arts - Strasbourg 2015 - Series "Man and Nature" Sofitel Strasbourg - Strasbourg 2016-2017 - Series "Man and Nature"