Myriam Mossine


If only my eyes could serve as objectives, if only each blink of an eye could immortalize everything I see everyday ... Such would have been my wish! Being a child, I was leaving all the time with a disposable camera in my little pocket. Today I traded my 24 poses with SLR cameras to be able to capture every moment, every step of a life. Photography has always been an art that fascinated me. Photojournalism first was part of my first steps in photography. Humbly, I tried to photograph during my various journeys. The report itself is limited to societies and cultures, far from our habits. So I continued to observe and see every event of daily life, every thing that presents itself before me as a unique symbol. Myriam

Dorothy's Gallery (Paris XI) - Nomadic Equations - April 16 & 17 2016 Center Kalari 7 (Paris XI) - May 28 to June 12 2016 Mandapa Cultural Center (Paris XIII)