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Claudia Cardinale Prints

Welcome to our selection of photos of Claudia Cardinale where you will find many iconic photos of Claudia Cardinale. Who is Claudia Cardinale? The beautiful Sicilian was born in La Goulette, Tunis district under French protection, on April 15th, 1938. Born to parents of Sicilian origin, the young woman's first language is French and she also speaks Arabic and Sicilian. The woman who is known as one of the most beautiful Italian actresses did not actually know a word of Italian until adulthood. Her discovery of cinema Despite being a real tomboy in her youth, the wild beauty of the young woman does not go unnoticed. At 17, she won the competition for the most beautiful Italian woman in Tunis, even though she had not enrolled in the latter. As a reward, she won a trip to Venice with her mother. There, the young girl made her first contacts in the cinema. However, she was not interested in a career in the cinema - she wanted to be a teacher - as opposed to her sister. She nevertheless let herself be tempted by this universe and began her acting career in 1958 in Jacques Baratier's Goha. The face and sensuality of the young woman, considered to be the brunette version of photos of Brigitte Bardot, immediately captivated and role proposals followed one after the other. photos of Claudia Cardinale. All Claudia Cardinale's art photographs for sale on ArtPhotoLimited are sold in limited edition and available in various formats, including large formats up to 150x100 cm. Each photo of Claudia Cardinale delivered with a certificate of authenticity indicating the title, the numbering of the work and, if applicable, the artist's signature.