Vanessa Hénon


With her first real estate profession, Vanessa Hénon as a photographer borrows from the lines, shapes or colorful patterns and symmetrical arrangements of the urban landscape her inspiration. Born in Charleville-Mézières in 1978, she self-taught for twenty years painting and digital photography. She has now graduated from the Professional Studies of Photography by the Montpellier Academy, and continues to improve her light management technique in the studio alongside Professional Photographers in order to better understand the natural light of the urban landscape. She roams the streets of the fascinating city south of Montpellier simultaneously in search of subjects to photograph. His interest in this medium ends in 2017, with the publication of his work on Instagram, an online photography sharing platform venerated by emerging talent. Art Photo Limited publishes its first series, colorful, minimalist and unexpected, on the graphic theme of Contemporary Architecture.