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Tuul et Bruno Morandi

Professional photographers, Tuul and Bruno Morandi have been exploring the world for over 20 years. From India to Mongolia via Nepal or Zanzibar, the duo goes to the end of the world to capture the grace of fleeting moments and immortalize the diversity of cultural heritages that make up the richness of our humanity. Photography is for them a pretext to meditate on the fragile beauty of the world. Curious and open, they play with the light, make the colors pop and enter into intimate sympathy with all the peoples they meet without stopping. Their work is regularly published in the national press such as the magazines Géo, Figaro, l'Obs, Terres Sauvages ... and the international press such as National Geographic Traveler, Animan, Terra ... and is the subject of several Beaux Livres published by Flammarion, the Oak, Hozhoni ... Find out more on www.brunomorandi.com

Publications - Books Tuscany, the spirit of taste - Edition Plume (Flammarion) 1998 Provence, the spirit of taste - Edition Plume (Flammarion) 2000 Nepal, color and light - Edition Arthaud (Flammarion) 2001 Villages de Toscane - Edition Arthaud ( Flammarion) 2002 Toscane Eternelle - Edition Arthaud (Flammarion) 2002 Paintings from Rajasthan - Editions Arthaud (Flammarion) 2003 Sicily - Collection Grands Voyageurs (Chene) 2005 Between Sky and Steppe, Mongolia by Genghis Khan (Hozhoni) 2017 The Great Odyssey of Cats (Hozhoni) 2018 The Routes of Tea (Hozhoni) 2021

2005 Festival Manifesto, Toulouse - Hijra les demi-femmes du Pakistan 2006 Université Paris VIII - Hijra les demi-femmes du Pakistan 2009 Asian Arts Museum of Nice - Treasures of Buddhism in the Land of Genghis Khan, Collective 2010 Festival Crescend'eaux, Enghien les Bains, collective 2011 Cool Art Café, Brussels, Do you believe? - Holi, the festival of colors 2012 Barrobjective Festival, Charente - Holi, the festival of colors 2012 Vivienne Art Galerie, Paris - Horizons Mongols 2013 Dax photography festival - Holi, the festival of colors 2017 International Festival of Montier-en- Der - Genghis Khan's Mongolia 2018 Curious Voyageurs Festival - Genghis Khan's Mongolia 2018 Bellême Photo Festival - Genghis Khan's Mongolia 2018 Photo Festival Image Weavers, Indian Influences - The Metamorphoses of the Sari 2018 Photography Fortnight - Cholet - Mongolia Between Heaven and Earth 2018 Museum of Asian Arts, Nice - Mongolia, Between Heaven and Earth 2019 NoMad Festival - Genghis Khan's Mongolia 2020 Musée des Merveilles de Tende - Mongolian Horizons 2021 NoMad Festival - Homage to India 2021 Museum of Asian Arts, Nice - Les Routes du Thé