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Michel Setboun

In 1976, when he just graduated as an architect, Michel Setboun changed course and went to Angola to photograph the war of independence. Three years later, he published one of the first books on the Iranian revolution. Animated by a tenacious desire to be there at the right time, preferably before his confreres, one thing only had to miss him now: the time to be everywhere at once. After Iran, it was Afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq war, Lebanon, Poland. In 1982 he was wounded in El Salvador, and in 1984 he was awarded the first prize of the World Press for his work on the expulsion of refugees from Nigeria. In the meantime he discovers Albania and Mongolia, and begins to treat subjects in the long term, more smoothly. He follows the last years of the British empire in Hong Kong, his reports appear in magazines around the world and in many books. He collaborates with the biggest photo agencies starting with Sipa, then Black Star, Rapho, Sygma, Corbis and finally Getty. His photos of Khomeini, Saddam Hussein or the pope are the cover of the biggest magazines. But it was from the beginning of the 90s that he became an independent photographer to lead long-term projects, he continues to survey the planet for long-term reports. For ten years he has devoted himself to the great mythical cities of the world; Paris, New York, Cairo, Venice, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Istanbul etc. Recent works by Michel Setboun 2014 40 years of photojournalism. generation agencies. editions of Martiniere 2013 40 years of photojournalism. Sygma generation. editions of the Martiniere 2014 40 years of photojournalism. Sygma generation. editions of the Martiniere 2010 the renaissance of Cairo editions of the Martiniere France 2008 Venice, editions of the Martiniere France, Abrams usa 2008 Venice, editions Abrams usa 2007 New york vertigo editions of the Martiniere France 2007 New york vertigo editions Abrams usa 2004 Paris la walk of the steeples, ed Hermé, 2004 Paris view of bell towers, editions Abrams usa 2002 Mongolia dream of infinity, editions of Martiniere France 2001 Paris lighting night