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michel battaglia

A professional photographer based in Grenoble, France, my story with photography began over 30 years ago. On the lab side, immersed in the darkness and the scent of Kodak developer, on the studio side under the softboxes, handling the 6x6 and the view camera. Architecture, art and nature are recurring themes that fascinate me, and I sometimes like to surprise people and get off the beaten track.

.. Today, I like to take portraits, first of all in the studio, my work in a press group brings me to beautiful encounters, beautiful lives and beautiful stories that I want to retranscribe through a photo.
My website https://www.michel-battaglia.fr/

Advertising and corporate photographer, I work in illustration for magazines, publishing and advertising agencies. Les Affiches de Grenoble,Si nous sortions,Vos estivales,Mairie magazine,Maisons et appartements en Isère,Alpes magazine,Alpes Loisirs, Espaces Atypique Grenoble.

Nominated for Fine Art Photography 2019 PORTRAIT category: https://fineartphotoawards.com/winners-gallery/fapa-2018-2019/professional/portrait/hm/9050
Nominated for Fine Art Photography 2019 LANDSCAPE: https://fineartphotoawards.com/winners-gallery/fapa-2018-2019/professional/landscape/hm/8594
Nominated for Fine Art Photography 2019 STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: https://fineartphotoawards.com/winners-gallery/fapa-2018-2019/professional/street-photography/hm/9116

-Group exhibition Rhône-Alpes photographers mobilize for the Puits du Désert, benefiting the NGO. The theme was water, with prints sold on site.
-Group exhibition Musée dauphinois Un air d'Italie in Grenoble.