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Street photography

Since childhood, in the 70's in Marseille, I look in the eye of my father's SLR. My passion is born. I want to keep all the memories, with a simple click. I want to remember everything, colors, impressions, sensations, movements, to relive and share everything. As a result of an unexpected return of money, I decided to realize the dream of my life: to leave at the end of the world. I first discovered the colors and flavors of South America. I then wandered to West Africa and traveled to other corners of the planet. Throughout my travels I kept a blog to share my adventures with my friends. Throughout my posts and the comments of my "followers", I quickly realized that my photos better transcribed my emotions than my words. The wonder of a landscape, the thrills of a musician or the movements of a dancer on stage, all these emotions to capture. In August 2012, I put my bag on my back for this time around the world, and traveled the streets of America, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and Polynesia. Trying to melt into the urban jungle, I unsheathed my device without getting caught to capture the life situations as banal and extraordinary, everyday gestures like those exceptional. Black and white evokes the mystery of people and reflects the timelessness of the sidewalks of big cities.

Various exhibitions on Marseille Photographer of the Jazz Festival of 5 Continents in Marseille between 2010 and 2012