Christophe Cuénoud


Photographer in the south of France in Istres, passionate about photography since my earliest childhood and self-taught, I have a particular attraction for blacks and whites with high contrast and for monochrome. I work exclusively in digital. My work can be seen in two stages because I choose photos which, in addition to their first strict interpretation, encourage the viewer to discover a subjective dimension of a social, environmental or simply poetic order. The choice of black and white is important because it leaves more freedom of interpretation to the viewer. The choice of color or black and white does not depend on the photo but more on my feeling for the scene being photographed. On land, in the air or under water, I find a common interest in photographing my environment whatever the element.

First Prize in the 2017 Galerie des Molières competition, sponsored by Didier Lockwood. "Arcachon photo" competition Winner (Summer 2016)

October 2018, Exhibition on a series in progress entitled "Solitudes" dytiques in Black and white of portraits attached to landscapes which echo each other. January 2017, joint exhibition on "the Body and the Spirit", Galerie des Molières, Miramas. Exhibition on my series "The sea" (photos of the Mediterranean sea in color) and a series in NB "Bois torturé" on dead trees in NB with strong contrast. A joint exhibition on the theme of craftsmanship around the Etang de Berre at the Galerie des Molières in Miramas, Color photos in clear plan on the hands of craftsmen at work in action. A series exhibited in two exhibitions in Martigues and St Victoret in municipal halls. The title of the series is "All colors are in the dark", Presentation of trees and landscapes in NB. And finally a common exhibition on the Arcachon Basin with the participation for the organization of a Facebook page "Le Crakoï du Bassin". And various participation in small exhibitions by the loan of photos.