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Professional photographer, graduated from the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre (Brussels), unconditional black and white and Hasselblad, Aurélie Vandenweghe has been converted for the last ten years to digital, which she exploits the infinite possibilities, while keeping his "silver" eye. This eye, she fixed it on the Dune and the ephemeral traces left on her by the water, the wind, the living ... Thanks to this look which gives to see the Dune, not in its august majesty but in its sandy fragility, the photos of Aurélie show us how the sand can be moving.

Winner of the international competition "Agfa multicontrast" Winner of the Black and White Jury Prize "Ilford"

1995 «Portraits» Artistic Fair Le Cercle - BRUXELLES 1996 «The challenge of Style? »Rue Solférino - LILLE - As part of the" Questions of Gender "festival 1996" Le PL'OFF "Le Bunker - LILLE 1997" Freakzone Festival "Aircraft - LILLE 1998" L'invu "Fort Art Gallery - TOURNAI 1997" Always and in-body »Nabuchodonosor Street - ROUBAIX 2002« Ivory Coast »PARIS 2004« Madagascar »Regional Center for Pedagogical Documentation - LILLE - (As part of the Francophonie Week) 2015« What's Going On »Pan Piper - PARIS 2016 "What's Going On" The European - PARIS 2016 "Vietnam" Societe Generale - AUVERS SUR OISE 2017 "What's Going On" Marc Steckar Cultural Center - BESSANCOURT 2017 "Raising the curtain on 30 years of contemporary art" The European - PARIS 2017 «Ma6Tvakiffer» Carrefour Foundation - BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT 2017 «What's Going On» La Cigale - PARIS 2017 «Ma6Tvakiffer» Mairie of the 18 th district - PARIS 2017 «Soul Attitude» Media Library of the Soul - MONTARGIS 2017 «The treasures of the dune " Christophe Roy's workshop - ARCACHON 2018 "The Treasures of the Dune" Pyla Town Hall - THE TEST OF BUCH 2018 "The treasures of the dune" GALERIE CARACAS - ARCACHON