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Bear Prints

Come and discover our selection of breathtaking pictures of the polar and grizzly bears through this gallery of exceptional photographs. You will find many bear photographs, including photos of polar bears and black and white photos of polar bears. Did you know that the bear is the largest terrestrial carnivore in the world? However, global warming is the main threat to the polar bear. If the ice continues to melt, the bear population will decline by more than two-thirds by the middle of the 21st century as the reduction in ice reduces the hunting grounds of this majestic animal. As for the brown bear and the black bear, the latter are currently under little threat. For the photographer to take a picture of a bear or polar bear is a real challenge. Most of the pictures usually come from shows, reports but some fearless photographers do not hesitate to take risks to take the best bear pictures we have selected for you. The latter must venture to the edge of the ice pack or mountain ranges for several days to come face to face with the animal in question and be able to take a picture of the polar bear or brown bear. If you wish to refine your search we invite you to browse through our polar bear art photographs such as Florian Ledoux's Above the polar bear and balanced world or Frank Maillard's Alone. If the polar bear picture is not your cup of tea, we invite you to look at our brown bear pictures such as Franck Fouquet's Twins or Richard Ellis' Curious Cubs. If you wish to broaden your search, our collection of animals will show you the best pictures of lion, tiger, elephant, or horses. Choose your favorite landscape photos and select whether you want to buy it as a print or a poster, or framed in classic wood or mounted on aluminum. All our pictures are available in limited edition and shipped in 5 to 10 days.