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Mountains Prints

How to Order Mountain Prints from ArtPhotoLimited

We, at ArtPhotoLimited, understand the refreshing quality of landscape photographs, especially mountain prints. Mountain pictures may not be able to give off the actual mountain breeze or the exhilarating feel of taking a hike, but they may stir memories. Our photos of mountains from all over the world have been curated from international photographers.How are they any different from postcard pictures?

Postcards usually convey memories of a visited place. They often feature beautiful works from skillful photographers. However, it is not just their size that makes them different. It is also the distribution. Postcards are printed out in bulk, and the producers do not trace the copies that have been sold.

Each of our mountain photos, on the other hand, are only printed as a limited edition. Every copy comes with a number and a certification of authentication. So, you will know that only a few of you have gotten hold of a copy of this particular work of art. Independent photographers and reputable newspapers (e.g., The Guardians) have brought you these beautiful works of art.

How do we ensure the quality of our mountain art prints is stellar?

ArtPhotoLimited not only curates the photos well, but a lot of the production work at Bordeaux has something to do with how visually stunning the results are:

  • We focus on every little detail.
  • We use delicate but sturdy frames that highlight the beauty of each image.
  • We handcraft our prints. The prints are not mass-produced.
  • Our finishes complement the subject of the pictures.

What categories of mountain posters do we have?

To make your browsing more manageable for you, we have divided our mountain prints into categories:

  • Alps landscape
  • Black and white mountain
  • Nepal mountains
  • Norway mountains
  • Landscapes of Bolivia

Why should you buy framed photos from us?

Our mountain-framed prints have been provided with the appropriate frames. For example, not every print at ArtPhotoLimited has been assigned a wooden frame option. However, the Sailboat in Norway, photographed by Jean-Michel Lenoir, has a wooden frame option. It does make for a rustic look. You can almost imagine it posted on the wall of a cabin.

We know what is best for every photo. We do not want you to own wall art that clashes with the frame or the environment that the print has to be hung. Of course, you may also take advantage of flexibility through our unframed but museum-quality prints. They are slightly less costly, but also come with their authentication certification and number.

What should you expect about the ordering process?

Our ordering process is simple, anyone can go through with it. You pick a picture, its size, and its mounting/frame. The price will be indicated below. So, you know if you should go ahead with the purchase or not. You are also assured that you will be receiving the number and authentication certification together with the print.

Because each wall art that we deliver from ArtPhotoLimited is unique and handcrafted, we take some time on it. We do this to ensure that you will get topnotch quality work when you receive it in 8 to 10 working days.