Roman Robroek


My name is Roman, a 33-year-old urban photographer and award-winning photographer born and raised in the enchanting south of the Netherlands. I take unique photos of undisclosed abandoned places. When I started my journey in urban photography, I mostly saw empty, abandoned and decaying buildings. It didn't take long for curiosity to strike me. What was the story behind these buildings? Who lived there? What were these items used for and why were they dropped? This curiosity created a close link between me and urban photography and I have since visited so many beautiful places around the world. The opportunity to take a look behind closed doors is a truly unique experience, both relaxing and enticing. I immerse myself in the environment, but I also watch each step and listen carefully to each sound, trying not to attract attention. I specialize in the unique capture of interiors and exteriors of a variety of buildings, working only with natural light.

URBAN 2019 Photo Awards - Winner, September 2019 International Photo Awards - Honorable Mention, September 2019 Historic Photographer of the Year - Selected, November 2018 Architectural Photography Awards - Selected, October 2018 URBAN 2018 Photo Awards - Finalist, July 2018 Photocrowd - Top 10 % and expert congratulated, April 2018 IPOTY 2017 Interior - Honorable mention, February 2018 IPOTY 2017 Industrial - Honorable mention, February 2018 ND Awards Industrial - Honorable mention, November 2017 URBAN 2017 Photo Awards - Finalist, July 2017 SE Center architectural exhibition - Winner, February 2017 Art of Building - Winner, December 2016 Defrozo Photography Contest - Winner, November 2014

Musée Sartorio, October 2019 - January 2020 Galerie Bont en Blauw, July 2019 - August 2019 MAD Gallery Milano, October 2018 - October 2019 Gallery Smashing Colors, October 2018 - December 2018 Brasserie Wijnandsrade, Galerie Permanent Hommes, January 2018 Clerkenwell Design Week, May 2017 The Bank, April 2017 SE Center for Photography, April 2017 Eurlings Interieurs, December 2016 Urban Photography Festival Toronto, June 2016 Art Gallery Dabekaussen, January 2015