romain gautron


I am Roman Gautron, I am 38 years old. Passionate about photos since I was 20. And professional since January 2017

February 2019: 1st winner of the "Artificial lights" photo competition organized by DIRECT ENERGIE December 2018: 1st winner of the "Perceived landscapes" photo competition, organized by CAUE 44 (architecture, town planning and environment council)) June 2018: 1st winner of the "perceived landscapes" Zoom on Europe ", awarded by the Pays de la Loire region. January 2018: winner of the nikon "miniature" competition prize for the brand's 100th anniversary. May 2017: 3rd winner of the Lexar competition on the theme "at the heart of the action"

September 2018: Exhibition at the Blue Radisson hotel in Nantes. July and August 2018: Exhibition at the café sur Cour in Nantes. March, April and May 2018: Exhibition at the LAG art gallery in Lorient February, March 2018: Exhibition of a bear photo for the Atout Sud gallery on the "animal" theme. November December 2017: Exhibition at the Lamaccotte restaurant in Nantes