Philippe Millet


From Author's cinema to Gore Cinema via Blockbuster Through festivals, previews and press conferences, filmmakers expose themselves and introduce themselves to professionals and spectators alike. They are there to talk about their work, their film and lend themselves readily to the promotion of their Art. These images must stick to the cinematographic news, but sometimes it can be good to let them rest. These portraits were produced between 1999 and 2003. These images are to date completely exclusive and have never been published. An exhibition project is being prepared. A few years later the idea of communicating again with these filmmakers made its way. We could talk about their career, observe their physical and artistic changes and finally offer them to project themselves again in the next 20 years. The first sale of this series is exceptional, each of the portraits is published in 30 copies including 3 Hors commerce. the first 5 prints are offered exclusively on Artphotolimited. The shots were taken with a medium format film camera. I chose a pigmentary process printing to guarantee maximum longevity of the prints and the very particular grain of the silver film naturally led me to use a textured paper. These portraits are intended for cinema enthusiasts, for those who have been marked by a film, a character or a way of telling a story.