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Fine art photography
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olivier polet


Reporter, photojournalist, publisher, traveler, Olivier Polet is a photographer like others are brown where ambidextrous is his nature, his most common means of expression. Of course he has perfected this natural disposition which has allowed him to collaborate with numerous agencies, including the mythical Sipa, to prestigious magazines. If he was the author of many scoops, his glance is glad about what the film or electronics does not capture, which affects the heart. Photographer of feelings, emotion, joy, pain, the sweetness of a landscape, he is in line with those who know how to paint what is intimate without Never can one feel embarrassed to surprise what he can see. This rare talent is expressed through his images. Reporter, photojournalist, publisher (editor), traveler: Olivier Polet He was born in 1966, was always passionate by photo, he studied in the INRACI and was directly, plunged into the professional world, by realizing internships (training courses) With the agency SIPA (Paris) work directly for the magazine "point of view" realize several scoops which will be published in the international press

Three times winner of the Photo Press Prize in Belgium (Dexia Prize) First photojournalism prize of the Parliament of the French Community in 2014 (Belgium)

Several collective exhibitions in Brussels.