Jacques Loïc


Background: Born in Nantes in 1952, I studied at the School of Fine Arts in the 70s. When it came to find a professional activity, I immediately sought something that can be done outdoors and independently. In these conditions, the picture imposed itself on me: it was enough to have a box and to walk through my door to work. The images of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ernst Haas convinced me that photography could be aligned with other means of artistic expression. I was first an audio-visual animator at the Maison de la Culture in Nantes and a columnist photographer at the regional station of France 3. 1980: departure for Paris. I join the Reporters-Viva Company, then I join in 1985 an agency of illustration, "The SDP Photo Library", which merged in 2000 with the agency "DIAF" under the name "Photononstop". Today this agency is still broadcasting my work in France and internationally. 1999: installation in Moutiers-en-Retz. My close environment has always been an obvious source of inspiration. When I lived in the city, apart from special reports, I went to get my subject in the street. Now that I live by the sea, I also work around the seascape. I switched to digital photography in 2003 and started at the same time in post-production. After a few weeks of tattering, I ended up treating the files as I did with the negatives of my debut.

- "VIA" (overlays of spun landscapes and trees), - Espace Canon de Paris - Nantes Museum of Fine Arts in 1983. - "Bonheur's", collective exhibition at the Maison des Photographes (UPC), Paris 1997. - "Les Batisseurs d'Ephémère" (Nantes carnival at work), Nantes Fnac forum in 1997. - "Journée de Fête", collective exhibition of the Graphic Arts Biennial of St-Maur, September 1998. - " From laughter to tears ", collective exhibition at the House of Photographers, Paris 2000. - UPC Congress at the Halle au Blé, Alençon February 2005. -" 17 photographers ... ", collective exhibition in the Chais de La Cantrie , St-Fiacre May 2006. - "Variations around Ganivelles", Espace Ecureuil, Nantes April 2007 and Les Moutiers-en-Retz, July 2015. - "facing the sea", Les Moutiers-en-Retz, August 2017.