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Gérard CECCALDI is a French photographer who lives in Marseille and has been passionate about photography in an eclectic way since 1975. From that date to 1995, as an amateur photographer, he travelled the American Parks, Canada, Corsica and the PACA region of France. A meeting with Gérard VANDYSTATD of the international sports photography agency of the same name helped train him in the techniques of sports photography, and since 1991 he has covered numerous competitions and sporting events in offshore, Jetski, windsurf and women's gymnastics. At the same time, since 1996, he has been a freelance professional photographer, working for the Marseille Town Hall and the PACA Regional Council in illustration, landscape and institutional reportage.

Numerous awards in various themed competitions

Numerous exhibitions at Marseille City Hall and the Conseil Régional on the themes of sport and the landscapes of the PACA region