DK New Media


I started my career in photojournalism in Paris for Sipa Press in 1978. In 1982 I moved to London as the correspondent of the Angeli press agency for a few years before joining Gamma. In 1991 I decided to move East and settled in Moscow running the Sygma office covering the end of the Soviet Union and the following Yeltsin years. I stayed in Russia until 1997 when I decided that I needed to see the sun and moved to Miami. After one year in Florida, I moved to Washington DC where I started Newsmakers with a friend and covered the White House until October 1999 when I joined the editorial team of Getty Images in a managerial position.

I am the only photographer of my generation who has pictures in the two books published by Michel Setboun on Sipa Press and Sygma. I also have a picture in the book on Gamma published by Francois Lochon. Unfortunately, Daniel Angeli never made a book about the work of his photographers ;)