Etienne Perrone travels continuously between the world of cinema and that of photography. Director and photographer, he is primarily interested in the desire to immerse the viewer in strange universes, like a parallel and "suspended" dimension. With his soft and sober captures, he immerses us in a slow and infinite world, where the human, invisible presence, is as though entrenched and confined far from an immensity that he no longer controls.

Sens image prize (short film). Gold award for best marketing communication film at the Videoshare Festival of La Baule 2018

Publications / Parutions: Feature Shoot Life Framer Subjectively Objective Open Doors Gallery Our Magazine Broad Magazine Fdicct N8zine SoundVision Paradise Magazine Pellicolamag Peach estate Galerie Swap (Lyon) Galerie Jour et Nuit (Paris) Musée d'art moderne de Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)