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Carole Epinette

Carole Epinette's career path is anything but a classic, linear trajectory.
It was in the Anglo-Saxon world that her photographs first aroused interest, and it was thanks to a well-known photographer's agent that she began regular collaborations with American and British magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer and Classic Rock.
French recognition followed, and success was on the cards.

The specialized press (Best, Hard N'Heavy, Rock Sound, Rock & Folk, Rolling Stone and many others) seized on his photos, just before the national press also opened its pages to him (Le Monde, Libération).

From concerts to photo shoots over the past 25 years, it's with a radical, free and sensitive eye that the photographer reveals the soul of artists and the energy of rock. She's a storyteller, a transmitter of emotions.
Today, there's no shortage of desires or editorial and artistic ideas, but there's still a lot of light to be written.

After a new dive into her 25 years of photo archives...a new exhibition is born...

Livre Rock Fictions published by Editions du Cherche-Midi came out in 2018.
The concept: one photo = one short story: well-known writers, journalists and poets let their pen wander over Carole's photos. The book Rock Fictions was born.

Rock is dead - 2017 to 2021 - France, Switzerland
Absorptions rock - 2022 Luxembourg
Guitar Heroe - 2017 France
Africa 2020
Back to the Bone 2019
Quand la Terre nous parle 2021, 2022