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Ali Mobarek

I was born in Paris. Passionate about photography, in the 80s I was an assistant at studio 44 rue Legendre in Paris and produced photos for film scouting, advertising photos for beauty & fashion photos as well as photo reports. I realize my first exhibition "Children and Music" which will allow me to obtain the price of the young creators of Tignes in 89. Then, at the beginning of the 90s, I become manager of Studio Arsenal in Paris, for clients like Fiat , UNICEF, etc. I work for Algerian, Italian, and French televisions, radios, and magazines: Creation, Photographer Profession, Figaro Madame, Chasseur d'Images, El Watan, Le Matin, Gazelle… In addition to these activities, my photos brought back to the course of my long trips to the Middle East, will be the subject of several exhibitions. Thus, the exhibitions “The Casbah of Algiers” and “Contes et légendes d'Orient” will be exhibited at the Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris), at the French Embassy (Algiers), at the Cultural Center of Egypt ( Paris), La Maison des Artistes (Syria, Damascus), and at Unesco. Since the 2000s I have also produced institutional videos (L'Oréal, Secours Catholique, Le Nôtre, etc.), documentaries and finally video clips (Manu DiBango, etc.) I continue my travels in Algeria, Morocco, India, Turkey, to capture the striking beauty of these countries.

Young designers award from Tignes in 89.

"Children and Music" - Winner of the Festival of Young Creators of Tignes - Rex Club - Paris 1992 - House of Latin America - Paris -FNAC "Casbah" - Commissioned by the French Embassy in Algiers for UNESCO - - Museum of Fine Arts - Algiers "Contes et Légendes d'Orient" - Institute of the Arab World - Paris (from July to September) - Cultural Center of Egypt - Paris - Aerospace Center - Paris - House of Artists - Damascus (Syria) -Gallery Niki place des Vosges - Paris - Unesco paris "Multi-artist exhibitions" - La Grande Arche exhibition in La Défense - Paris - Tanzania: Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF)