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Photographic prints and framings


The printing techniques dedicated to artworks are very specific.

Thus we have built our own laboratory to have the best possible quality.

To produce a fine art print, both the printing technique and the paper must by carefully chosen. There are in fact two main printing techniques : silver printing and pigment printing. Once the printing technique has been chosen, the paper on which the photograph will be printed must be selected. This choice will mainly have an impact on the matt or glossy aspect of the photograph.

On ArtPhotoLimited, we have chosen to let each photographer choose the printing technique and the most suitable paper for his/her photographs. This allows to obtain prints that reflect at best the choice of the artist.

Formats available for sale

The photographs on sale on ArtPhotoLimited are usually available in 7 to 8 different formats in order to fit at best the wall on which you would like to hang the photograph.

Hence, the formats available range from 10x8" to 60x40".

Please note that some photographs might be only available in large format. The photographers in fact choose the formats in which they wish to sell their photographs and some photographers are specialized in large formats.

Mountings available

Once produced, the print must be mounted in order to be able to hang it on the wall. ArtPhotoLimited only offers the mountings used by galleries and museums. We have selected the most suitable mountings for each format.

There are indeed 3 types of mountings for artworks:

Black wood frame

A top-of-the-range finish, timeless and ideal for interior decoration.

For the formats 10x8, 12x8, 12x9, 14x14, 20x14, 20x16, 20x14, 20x20

We propose a flat black wood frame, with a single mat, to highlight the photograph. A mineral glass 2 mm thick with polished edges covers the photograph.


The photograph is positioned in an wooden frame under a high quality single mat, it allows both to keep the photograph away from the glass but also to avoid any phenomenon of condensation.

Wood frame

On the back, our frames are equipped with two fasteners and swivel turners for quick and easy wall installation.


Frames sizeSize of the related photographs
Framing 11x1410x7.5, 12x8, 12x9.5
Framing 24x2412x12
Framing 20x24 or 24x3018x13.5, 16x12.5, 20x13.5
Framing 24x2420x20
Framing 24x19, 24x18, 30x20

Aluminium mounting

An elegant and refined finish

An elegant and affordable process that will enhance your photographs. This finish will allow you to have a direct look at the work and admire the liveliness of its colors.


Aluminum lamination is a print permanently glued to an aluminum plate (the dibond) in the same format as the photo.

The hanging system is composed of either hanging bars or a frame that is fixed to the wall with hooks, picture rails or screws.

Alu mounting

At the back of the aluminium plate, hanging bars or a subframe are inserted, allowing to hang the photograph easily.

Floater frame

The floater frames are available in 3 colors: black, white or oak.

A high-end finish, ideal for maximizing the depth and elegance of your artwork

Mounting available for formats 27" or bigger

Used by all art galleries and major museums, the floater frame is a high-end wooden frame that enhances the value of your photographic works.


The photograph is first laminated on dibond. The work is then fixed inside the box: 2" deep and 1 cm of space separates the work and the inner edge of the frame for a floating impression of the photograph.

Alu mounting


Mounting available for formats 27" or bigger

It highlights the photograph with an incomparable reflection and a depth of the visual


The picture is printed on a satin paper. We add a 2mm thick acrylic sheet on the print. On the back of the print, we use an aluminium sheet in order to stiffen the product. On the back of the product, we add a 3/4" Inset Frame in order to easily hang the picture on your wall.


Framed acrylic

Mounting available for formats 27" or bigger

The space between the photograph and the frame gives a levitating effect to the photograph, this type of finish is often used in art galleries.


he picture is printed on a satin paper. We add a 2mm thick acrylic sheet on the print. On the back of the print, we use an aluminium sheet in order to stiffen the product. The picture is then framed using a wood floater frame with 1-2 cm space between the picture and the frame. The floater frame can be either black, white or in oak.

Framed Plexiglas