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White Aluminum frame 35x50cm
White Aluminum frame 35x50cm
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Frame description

The White Aluminum frame 35x50cm will enhance your photographs and posters. Its fine and elegant design, all in aluminium, will frame your posters in 35x50 cm format. It will give a real atmosphere to your rooms. Assembled in our workshops, the 35x50 cm frame in White is supplied with a protective Plexiglas window and a metal fastening system allowing vertical or horizontal positioning.

A tailor-made framework

The White Aluminum frame 35x50cm is created in our workshop to fit exactly your 35x50 cm photograph or poster. Its rods are 10 mm wide and 18 mm deep.

Protective plexiglas

The glass of the White Aluminum frame 35x50cm is made of Plexiglas (acrylic glass), offering excellent protection to your visuals. Lighter than glass, easy to maintain and unbreakable, Plexiglass offers perfect transparency. Admire your photographs or posters to the full without concessions.

Get yourself a unique decoration

Easily hang your frame horizontally or vertically with the clips on the back. Place several frames side by side or in a jumble and give your interior a real identity.