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Fine art photography
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Fabio Nazareno


Passionate and self-taught, I always had a wise look by landscape photography, whether urban or natural, the vast solitary expanses attract me ... I feel gained a new emotion and all my senses Awaken for the sole purpose of creating and seeking something beautiful and new. In my quest, I sometimes go very far, always on the lookout for this feeling that inspires me and that drives me, to which I have not yet found the name. Inspiration, maybe ?! Maybe ... But certainly the love of photography.

* Winner of the "Sculpture" Contest, organized by the Rodin Museum, not re-inaugurated in partnership with "A Nous Paris" magazine - November 2015 * Daily Dozen, choice of one of my horse images in Iceland by The jury of National Geographic among the best published on their site-- August 2015

* Exhibition "Milky Way and Cosmos", at the headquarters of the CIA Air France, Paris, with presentation of several of my nocturnal images - April 2016