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Daniel Cheong Photography

Daniel Cheong is a freelance photographer, former instructor and speaker for Nikon Middle East and Africa.
Born in Mauritius, of Chinese origin, his previous job in the telecommunication industry made him travel and live in several countries, France, USA, Japan, Singapore, UAE (Dubai).
A fan of technology and having worked in the high-tech industry, Daniel has a natural affinity with electronics and computers, hence the attraction of digital manipulation. His technique is to mix different exposures of the same scene to extract the perfect dynamic range between the dark and light areas. That slight element of surrealism or hyper reality that is often found in painting is what Daniel is trying to achieve.
He specializes in cityscape and landscape photography. His photos of cityscapes and fog in Dubai have been published worldwide in media and magazines such as CNN, National Geographic, Practical Photography and Petapixel.
An avid sci-fi film fan, he has recently begun creating "Cyberpunk" composite images from his own cityscape photos. He is mainly inspired by the 1982 cult film "Blade Runner".
Daniel has given workshops to hundreds of people in Dubai and the Middle East, and has organized photographic trips to Europe, Iceland, India and Southeast Asia.