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Lucie Page

Having been immersed in film photography since childhood, in black & white, on baryta paper, it leaves traces... and it is revealing!

Thus, have always been at my side, or in my hands, film or digital cameras, compact and SLR, and even the smart phone, to capture the ephemeral moments that surround us.

After 15 years in the field of communication and events and a passage through the Ecole de l'Image des Gobelins, I approach photography from 2 different angles:
- the photography that illustrates, that accompanies a message, completes a visual identity, serves a brand...
- and the photography of the moment, of the stolen moments, of the glance which wanders, which catches and which releases.

The two complement each other, are not incompatible and must remain at the service of the image.

A beautiful image to look at, to share, to edit, to display...

Exhibition Question d'origines - March 2019 - Hôtel Victoria (Fontainebleau)
Exhibition #Entrain Quotidien - January 2017 - Maison des Photographes (Paris 10)
Exhibition #Entrain Quotidien - November 2016 - Salon de la Photo (Paris)
Exhibition #Entrain Quotidien - May/June 2015 - Galerie Grenadine (Melun)
Exhibition L'Ego Système - november 2019 - Galerie Grenadine (Melun)
Exhibition #Entrain Quotidien - May 2022 - Office de tourisme de Montmirail (Marne)
Exhibition Photo-Bleau - May 2022 - Théâtre de Fontainebleau